General Inquiries

1) Who is LOP&LOA?
We are a company who strive to offer organic, cruelty free and eco-friendly pet products without compromising on quality and style. Currently, we are focusing on CBD pet products and will roll out other products in the future, so stay tuned!
2) How are your products organic, cruelty free and eco-friendly?
Our mission is to produce products that are the least harmful to our planet and animals. All of our ingestible and topical products are made organically which means free of any chemicals and pesticide. We aim to use eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials but where we cannot (which is very rare) for certain products, it is because it is the best option we could find on the market that leaves the least environmental impact. We do not condone any form of animal cruelty, therefore all of our products are vegan, in other words, we do not involve any use of animals.
3) Where can I purchase LOP&LOA products at Wholesale?
Wholesale orders are currently only available for CBD products to veterinary clinics at the moment. For inquiries and application, please email info@lopandloa.com.