CBD for dogs and cats in Hong Kong: Here’s everything you need to know

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So you’ve been hearing about CBD and all its benefits but how will it benefit your furry family member and is it legal?

First thing’s first, CBD is completely legal in Hong Kong. However, CBD is only legal in Hong Kong without the presence of THC. What’s THC, you ask? Without getting too technical, it’s essentially the compound that causes the “high” feeling. Now that we’ve put that concern to rest, how can CBD help your dog and cat in Hong Kong. As you know, living in Hong Kong can be challenging; small spaces, noise pollution and an abundance of people can create a stressful environment for not only us but our furry family members as well.

So how does CBD help with that? While there are a number of benefits to CBD, anxiety and stress relief is definitely one that takes the spotlight. Its calming effects are usually seen almost immediately in anxious or overly stressed animals. So whether it’s thunderstorms or separation anxiety, CBD is something that could potentially aid your furry friend.

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What else does CBD help with? Aside from its calming effects, CBD has also been known to help manage pain and inflammation, assist in sleep quality, improve seizure control, improve mobility in animals with osteoarthritis, assist in immune-mediated diseases, reduce nausea and stimulate appetite.

What’s the best thing? It’s completely natural but you have to be careful when choosing a CBD product. CBD is relatively new in Hong Kong, so while all labels says CBD oil, they aren’t all created equally.

So how do I choose a CBD Oil? It’s important to know the differences. Essentially there are 3 types: full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. Full spectrum contains the two major cannabinoids (THC and CBD) and thus makes it illegal in Hong Kong. Broad spectrum contains all the essential compounds of full spectrum and their benefits with the exception of THC. Finally, there’s CBD isolate where a powdered form of CBD is mixed into an oil to create CBD oil. It is stripped of many of the naturally-occurring compounds that come along with a broad spectrum CBD and the nature of the process is less organic as you need to first create a powdered form and then mix it back into an oil. Full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD benefit from the ‘entourage effect’ while CBD isolate does not.

What’s the entourage effect? ‘Entourage effect’ is a term used to describe the synergetic effect of the secondary compounds (CBD, terpenes and flavonoids) from the cannabis plant. These compounds compliment each other, enhance each other's effects and allow lower doses of a CBD to be used. So where full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oils benefit from this effect, CBD isolate does not and usually requires higher dosages.  

I’ve seen Hemp Seed Oil for sale as well, is that the same thing? Simply put, no. The major difference between hemp seed oil and CBD oil is that hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds and contain no significant amount of cannabinoids (CBD). They do, however, contain a complete source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, so they are more commonly used for body care or as nutraceuticals and food additives.

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Why choose LOP & LOA? LOP & LOA’s broad spectrum CBD Oil comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) from a trusted third party lab which shows that they contain not only CBD but also the other beneficial compounds that come along with it (entourage effect). On top of which, to ensure that we provide the highest grade products, all our oils are extracted from organically farmed hemp plants in the USA and they’re all farmed in-house. As CBD oil has been growing, it’s become common to outsource buds and plants for price reasons, however we believe that the quality of our plants are invaluable in creating an effective product. It’s also common to add flavouring to CBD Oil in the belief that it’ll help with palatability however, LOP & LOA’s CBD oils are kept as pure as possible and due to this our products are naturally minimal in odour. In our palatability tests, we found that dogs and cats accepted the oil with little to no hesitation when given orally or added to foods.

CBD treats: are they effective and how does it work? There are a few things to know when purchasing CBD treats. Firstly, CBD breaks down and denatures at temperatures over 160 degrees celcius (~320 Fahrenheit), so it’s important that the treats were cooked and handled properly. Also, because CBD treats use an isolate powder, a higher dosage is required and suggested directions will vary from broad spectrum dosing guidelines. We suggest giving CBD treats in addition to CBD oil as opposed to replacing CBD oil. Our LOP & LOA organic treats are baked locally in Hong Kong at low temperatures and all our ingredients are sourced from the USA.

CBD has helped and is helping our furry friends all over the world and we hope that it’ll help yours. Feel free to email or message LOP & LOA any time with questions or concerns.

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