CBD Information

Reported applications of CBD Oil cover but are not limited to:

• Reduction in anxiety
• Assist with sleep quality
• Pain control
• Improvement of mobility in animals with osteoarthritis
• Improvement of seizure control
• Anti-inflammatory effects
• Immune-mediated diseases
• Anti-cancer
• Nausea reduction
• Appetite stimulation
• Gastrointestinal disturbances
• Modulate THC's intoxicating effects

‘Entourage effect’ is a term used to describe the synergetic effect of the secondary compounds (CBD, Terpenes and Flavonoids) from the cannabis plant. These compounds compliment each other, enhance each other's effects and allow lower doses of a CBD to be used. 

Full spectrum CBD oil contains the two major cannabinoids (THC and CBD), other minor cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids. It has all the benefits of the entourage effect. 

Broad spectrum CBD oil carries all the benefits of Full Spectrum CBD oil but contains ZERO THC. It contains only one major cannabinoid (CBD), other minor cannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids. It provides the benefits of the 'entourage effect'.

LOP & LOA's CBD oil range is broad spectrum.

CBD isolate is a product that contains only one type of cannabinoid - cannabidiol (CBD). These isolate products lack the presence of other naturally occurring compounds such as terpenes, flavonoids and minor cannabinoids. They derive their effect from only CBD and lack the entourage effect found in broad and full spectrum products. CBD isolates often require higher doses compared with broad or full spectrum products.

LOP & LOA's CBD treats are made with CBD isolate. We do not suggest using treats alone to manage your pet's CBD requirements but rather as 'top ups' in addition to the daily dosing of our broad spectrum CBD oil.

Potency refers to the strength of the CBD oil and is often expressed in mg/ml. This is important when calculating the amount needed for an individual. A high potency CBD oil generally means less volume of CBD will be needed. For larger pets, this allows less to be given resulting in the bottle lasting longer. However, for smaller pets, a less potent CBD oil is desirable so accurate dosing can be achieved. 

The major difference is that hemp seed oil contains no CBD. Hemp seed oil is extracted from hemp seeds which do not contain significant amounts of cannabinoids. They are, however, a complete source of protein, are high in omega-3 fatty acids, and contain many antioxidants. Hemp seed products are often used for body care, as nutraceuticals and food additives. 

Cannabinoids are lipophilic which means they are fat-loving and are most effective when delivered in a fatty ingredient.

Due to this, LOP & LOA uses medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to deliver the CBD to the pet which increases absorption. We use organically farmed coconut MCT oil which has a neutral taste and minimal odour. No palm oil is used in our products.

Certificates of analysis (COA) are important as CBD is poorly regulated worldwide. Due to lack of regulations, not all products are created equally and to the standard they should be. Some products may not contain the CBD levels they claim or may even contain harmful byproducts of manufacturing. Third party COA allows an unbiased, neutral assessment of a product ensuring a high quality, safe product is used by consumers.

A study analysing 29 off-the-shelf pet CBD products, published in 2020, found that only 18 out of the 29 products were labelled appropriately for the CBD concentration claimed. This study highlighted that with a lack of regulation, products on the shelf making claims may not be able to live up to these claims.

LOP & LOA strives to be open and transparent about their products and displays their COA on the website. We will periodically update COA as new batches are produced.

USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) owns the term organic. Due to the fact that the federal government did not recognise the hemp plant as being legal until 2018, the term organic could not officially be applied to hemp plants.

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalised industrial hemp cultivation and declassified hemp as a schedule 1 controlled substance. Since this bill was passed, more and more farms are moving towards a USDA organic certification which is a slow process. The farm where LOP & LOA sources their CBD follows organic farming practices but is not yet USDA organic certified.

CBD Usage

CBD oil is safe and carries few side effects, however we advise giving CBD oil for the first time while you are home to monitor your pet. A commonly seen effect of CBD oil is drowsiness, bear this in mind before testing a product as different CBD products have different cannabinoid profiles and may affect your pet in a different way.

If any unwanted side effects occur, please consult your veterinarian.

Use with caution in the following pets: 

• Pets with pre-existing liver problems or raised liver values
• Pets on current medication that use the Cytochrome P450 family of enzymes for metabolism
• Pets currently on medication that make them more sleepy
• Very young and very old pets
• Pregnant or lactating pets

Multiple studies report an increase in one of the liver enzymes, mainly Alkaline phosphatase (ALKP), when CBD oil is used at the higher end of the dose range. Despite these increases the bile acids (a measure of liver function) and ALT (another liver enzyme) remained normal. The dogs involved in the studies were non-clinical for the increase in ALKP. The exact mechanism of action has not been well studied but may be linked to the influence CBD has on the Cytochrome P450 system within the liver.

Speak with your veterinarian to ensure medications your pet is currently taking do not use this metabolic pathway.

When CBD oil is ingested orally, it is absorbed in the small intestine and carried to the liver, where it is metabolized by a group of enzymes called cytochrome P450 (CYP).

At sufficient dosages, CBD can temporarily inhibit cytochrome P450 enzymes by competing for the binding site. This can affect the metabolism of other medications,  given alongside the CBD oil, that are broken down by the same pathway. This leads to higher circulating quantities of these medications.

Consult your veterinarian to ensure the medication your pet is currently taking does not use this metabolic pathway.

CBD is safe and is well tolerated with many medications. Major considerations would be medications that cause sedative effects or those metabolised by the Cytochrome P450 family of enzymes.

Very old and very young pets should start at a lower dose and slowly be increased to achieve the desired effect. We recommend 0.25 - 0.5 mg/kg twice per day. Please consult your veterinarian for advice.

CBD products are not well studied in pregnant or lactating animals or humans. With limited scientific research, it is best to avoid CBD in pregnant and lactating animals.

Some of the concerns with regards to the use of CBD products in pregnancy and lactation factor around the possibility of a product being tainted with heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and fungi rather than the CBD itself.

Occasionally, CBD oil can cause diarrhea. This is likely due to the delivery oil. For pets with digestive issues, please discuss with your veterinarian before starting CBD oil. You may want to choose a product with a higher potency that requires a smaller amount of the oil to be given. If diarrhea persists, please stop the CBD oil and contact your veterinarian for advice.

Your veterinarian can reach out to us at info@lopandloa.com

It is best to store the CBD oil in a cool, dark place after opening. With time, light exposure, heat and air, CBD and other cannabinoids can degrade changing the profile.

We recommend using CBD oil within six months of opening when stored in a cool, dark place.


Unlike THC (and CBN), CBD (broad spectrum or isolate) is legal in Hong Kong and not considered a dangerous drug under Cap 134 (Dangerous Drugs Ordinance).

LOP & LOA’s specially formulated CBD products are either broad spectrum or isolate CBD and contains 0% THC (and 0% CBN).

For your peace of mind, LOP & LOA has a third-party Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for every batch we provide to our customers, so you can always be assured that our products comply with Hong Kong Law.

Note: Laws and regulations vary between countries and states, so please ensure that you check your local law of destination prior to purchasing or travelling with any CBD product.

We only use high quality, human grade ingredients in our CBD oil. However, we are veterinarians and recommend speaking with your medical practitioner before using CBD Oil.

LOP & LOA CBD oil contains ZERO THC and thus, cannot make your pet ‘high’. THC is illegal in Hong Kong. LOP & LOA has a third party certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch to ensure our products comply with Hong Kong law.  

We believe in keeping our products as natural and pure as possible, so we have chosen to not add any flavourings. In our palatability testing, we found that both cats and dogs accepted the oil without hesitation.

LOP & LOA CBD oil has a neutral taste which is much less overpowering than numerous human brands on the market. Many of these human brands add additional ‘hemp flavouring’ as this benefits humans with regards to the placebo effect.

LOP & LOA CBD oil has a minimal odour.

This will depend on three factors:

·     Potency of CBD used
·     Weight of your pet
·     Dose of CBD

For example:

·     Potency: using the 600mg/30ml bottle = 20mg/ml
·     Weight: 20kg dog
·     Dose: 1mg/kg twice a day (suggested starting dose)
·     Per day usage: 20mg x 2 = 2ml/day
·     Last: 15 days (for 30ml bottle)

Clear glass bottles provide zero protection from the sunlight allowing UV and rays to pass through completely. Amber glass however, naturally reflects a lot of the harmful rays from the sunlight better protecting our oils from breaking down or denaturing.