Choosing a CBD Product

Source of Cannabis and farming practices

Cannabis has a special nutrient transport system as well a tap root system and as a result is very effective at drawing substances, including toxins from the soil. It is important that organic farming methods are followed to ensure a safe CBD product is produced. Consider the country of origin and if the CBD is from a single source. LOP & LOA CBD oil is organically grown in Colorado, USA.

Spectrum of the product - broad spectrum vs isolate

Broad spectrum products contain CBD as well as other cannabinoids and the terpenes and flavonoids that occur naturally in the Cannabis plant. These compounds all work together synergistically to enhance each other's medicinal properties referred to as the entourage effect. As a result, lower doses are needed and multiple benefits are achieved. An isolate contains only one cannabinoid (i.e. CBD) and as a result has a more narrow spectrum of use and a higher dose is often required to achieve desired effects. LOP & LOA CBD oils are all broad spectrum.

Concentration or potency of the CBD product

There are different strengths or potencies of CBD products. This will determine what volume of a product is needed to achieve a desired effect. If the potency is too low- large volumes may be required to see results, if too high- titration for smaller patients may be challenging. LOP & LOA offers three potencies 10 mg/ml; 20 mg/ml; 30 mg/ml to ensure the most accurate dosing.

Delivery agent sourcing and production

All CBD products will have a delivery agent, usually a medium-chain triglyceride, the sourcing and production of this is also important to consider. You can have the purest CBD of the highest quality but if mixed with a low quality delivery agent the whole product becomes tainted. LOP & LOA uses organically farmed coconut oil as their delivery agent.

Certificate of analysis

Certificate of analysis (COA) is important as CBD is poorly regulated worldwide. Due to a lack of regulations not all products are created equally and to the standard they should be. Some products may not contain the CBD they claim to or may even contain harmful byproducts of manufacturing. Third party COA allows an unbiased, neutral assessment of a product ensuring a high quality, safe product is used by consumers. LOP & LOA CBD oil is batch tested and accompanied by COA.

Written by: Dr Tiffany Harries (BSc, BVSc, MRCVS) & Dr Christopher Perkins (BSc, BVSc)

Co-founders of LOP & LOA Ltd.

Chief Veterinary Officers for LOP & LOA Ltd.

Certified Cannabinoid Consultants (CCBDC)